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"I worked at the Casa San Jorge in Cordoba for one month, in which time I was able to meet an incredible mix of people both old and young, some volunteers and others not. It was a both rewarding and challenging experience; learning Spanish became a lot easier to learn in talking to the residents who are more than willing to talk to you, whilst it was initially difficult to know how to communicate and behave with them. Over time, however, as I learnt about the residents and their life stories I came to realize just how many unique and amiable individuals there are living there. The old people's home in Cordoba provided me with a unique learning opportunity, and a chance to actually help out in a place where people are glad for your company and are more than accommodating!"

Ben Creswell, volunteer in Cordoba, Argentina, from England

"This past year, I got the opportunity to volunteer with Irma and Los Abuelitos in Cordoba, Argentina. While Irma was providing the best care she could, I could see that help was desperately needed at her home. When I heard that an effort was being made to help Irma and los abuelitos I knew right away I had to get involved. I met several other volunteers working with Irma who were there just to make a difference and give the lovely people under Irma’s care some time to exercise their bodies and minds. Most of the people at the home just want someone to spend time with, which is what they deserve.
I would urge anyone looking to volunteer to help out this cause in any way you can. It was a great experience for me and I hope more people get the privilege of working with Los Abuelitos."

Courtney Lavallee, volunteer in Cordoba, Argentina, from Canada

"I went to Argentina to volunteer teaching English to disadvantaged children. When I got there, I quickly got involved with a few other programs including San Jorge. Of all the projects that I assisted with, this one was certainly the most rewarding. Partly because senior citizens are sometimes overlooked and my input went a lot further, but also because the residents of San Jorge were so appreciative of just a little bit of attention. Most of them have no family and want only for someone to interact with. And believe it or not, I had a lot of fun with them; they are some of the funniest people I've ever talked to. One of the great things about AFOS is the opportunity to help at several different projects. Take advantage of that."

Tim Tirrell, volunteer in Cordoba, Argentina, from New York, USA

"I volunteered at San Jorge over a few life changing and let’s say even entertaining months. It was clear from the start that the beautiful senior citizens are unaware of the situation they are in due to the loving care of Irma who runs San Jorge. Unfortunately, it is also clear that the seniors are treated as worthless by society, neglected by most, even their own families. They are still people. Their living situations and health and such are poorly looked after by the government and would not be tolerated in somewhere like Australia or the States for example. During my time, hearing all their wonderful stories and witnessing their crazy and cheeky antics, I learnt a lot about the community and the sense of injustice these senior citizens face. I think we need to support something like this, because senior citizens deserve quality of life, after all, we will be there soon, and who will look after us? I would encourage you in any capacity, whatever the skills you have to give some time to visit these beautiful abuelitos and see for yourself that they are in fact worthy of your time and effort."

Kirin Kaur Toor, volunteer in Cordoba, Argentina, from Australia


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